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Will too many keys damage the Ignition Key!?

Will too many keys damage the Ignition Key!?

KEYCHAINS- One of the most undervalued objects turns out to be a bundle of sentiments for many people. Many times it is obtained as a souvenir from a memorable trip or received as a gift to seal a memory. But quite often we forget that it is one of the most used day-to-day items. Keys are all around us, and keychains not only keep them safe but also make them appealing and easy to locate. Everyone needs a keychain to keep their keys handy. While it seems like a casual thing, many people religiously collect different types of keychains. Known as copoclephily, it is a Greek word made of Kope (handle), Kleis (key) & Phile (one who is attracted to).  

In the world of gifting, personalized gifts are now seen as the best form to express your love in a more meaningful way. Rather than picking a random gifting article, people now prefer to opt for a personalized gift that the giver and receiver both can connect in a certain way. Personalized gifts show the efforts and importance the receivers hold in the giver's heart. While the list of possible personalized gifts is endless, ever wondered what tops the list! Yes, you guessed it right- PERSONALIZED KEYCHAINS.  

Even before personalized keychains were popular, keychains have always been the first choice for gifting for being highly valued and budget-friendly. Ever struck in picking a gift for a friend, spouse, parents, siblings, or anyone; this makes the perfect gift. The customization of keychains is no new concept. It started from cartoon character keychains to simple alphabet keychains and today to high-quality personalized keychains. Imagine gifting your loved ones a perfectly carved personalized keychain as a miniature of their vehicle along with their name, vehicle number & a message. What a blissful gift it would make. 


Are you still wondering why a personalized keychain makes the perfect gift? Here are our reasons:   

  • Suits all occasions: Personalized vehicle keychains make the perfect gift for all occasions. One of the most common occasions other than birthdays and anniversaries where keychains are used is for promotional gifting. It can be as simple as just having a logo yet making an adorable gift. Customized keychains are also a great giveaway pick during trade fairs, events, or fundraising get-togethers. 
  • Budget-Friendly Option: Much in trend, personalized keychains are quite affordable. Considered as a token of love & bond shared, name-carved keychains are totally worth the money.  
  • Easy to carry gift: A personalized keychain is a small wonderful thing full of joy to carry. Every time one sees the keychain, one would think about the person who gifted it.     
  • Suits for both genders: Gifting for females come in countless options, but girls are very picky about gifts. Men are simple, but gifting them isn't. What can be a better gift than a customized keychain that both genders would love? So, no more getting fussy about the gifts.   
  • Cherishable: Gifting a personalized keychain is an opportunity to portray how much you actually notice someone’s interest and genuinely care about them. Customized keychains are something that can be cherished for years, for their uniqueness and the special emotions attached to them. Customize the keychain in a way that symbolizes your relationship with the receiver to make it more special.   
  • Fashion Addition: A personalized keychain is much more than just a keychain. It also acts as a fashionable accessory. One can easily hang one on a bag, wallet, or purse and instantly make them look stylish. Since the personalized keyrings can be designed however you want, whether your favorite tagline or a message, they make any plain object look more interesting.
  • Collectibles: As said earlier, copoclephilist love to collect keychains. These common souvenirs and gift items can be easily customized, and ever since then, their popularity as collectible items has grown. Also, one need not wait for people to gift these items, because they can easily create one with an excellent custom keyring maker.
  • A functional gift: One of the simplest reasons why customized keyrings are popular is for their practical function. A keyring does not only organize the keys, but also other dangling objects that are important. That is why there is always a keyring dangling around in every single household.


AMP Krafts have been in the business for a year now and brought in a revolutionary change in the personalised keychain segment ever since. We have created special collectible and functional pieces, at an affordable rate. All you need to do is select the vehicle model & submit the vehicle registration number along with the message you want to engrave. And we will do the rest, and deliver your personalized keychains in no time! For other custom items, check out our store.

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