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Will too many keys damage the Ignition Key!?

Will too many keys damage the Ignition-Key!


Is attaching accessories to your car keys a safe practice? Often, people add extra weights to their keys in the form of keychains. People carry a soft spot for personalized car keychains in their hearts. For keeping their personalized souvenirs close, they often end up attaching all the extra stuff to their keyrings. Recently, there have been questions raised about this habit. Is it safe for the vehicle? Does it affect the ignition switch? Does it cause wear and tear to the life of your vehicle? These unanswered questions need answers. Let’s try to find those answers! 

Do keychains cause damage to your vehicle? 

Studies have revealed that adding extra weight to your car keychain can hurt your ignition system. Experts in the field suggest that ignition systems aren’t manufactured to carry more weight than their optimal range. If forced, then it leads to the ignition switch turning faulty. 

The ignition cylinder constitutes several elements, and extra weights cause friction inside the cylinder. Friction causes the wear and tear of that cylinder, resulting in engine failure as well. A poor ignition switch fails to supply power to your engine, and it can cause mechanical problems. The poor ignition key can also hurt the performance of other components in your vehicle, such as inner lights, headlights, etc. 

Is there any way to prevent this damage? What can you do? 

Ignition switch failure can be prevented by reducing the weight added to the keyring. As long as you aren’t providing unbearable pain to your keyring, it should work fine! Usually, one or two extra keys don’t cause any wear and tear. However, multiple keys along with personalized car keychains might not support your idea for a long time. 

Moreover, some mechanics suggest that you don’t attach any extra weight to your keyring, for ensuring the optimal health of your car!

key damage ignition

How to know if your ignition system is damaged? 

Let’s suppose you are reading this article a little late, and till now you weren’t aware of this issue. You had the habit of attaching customized keychains to your keyrings, and now you are worried. Is there any way you can get to know if your ignition switch is already damaged? Are there any signs that help you in determining ignition failures? 

Yes. Several factors can help you in determining the health of your ignition switch. Let’s jump into those points and find out if you are riding safely or not!  

  1. One of the signs that your ignition system is not in a good condition can be, when you face issues in turning your key. It can happen due to the wear and tear of the internal structure of the system.
  2.  Another sign can be that your car engine often dies in the middle of the road. Problems in the ignition key can cause malfunctioning in the spark plug as well. The spark plug is responsible for providing energy to the engine. Moreover, in some cases, you will find that your vehicle will fail to start.
  3. Flickering lights, faulty radio, etc., are some of the other signs that should ring bells to you. The ignition switch is responsible for providing power to all these essential components of a vehicle. If any of these parts are malfunctioning, then it’s likely that the switch has failed. 

Even though these issues strongly suggest that your ignition switch might be in trouble, it is better to consult a mechanic! It is better to be on the safer side. Ideally, two to three keys will ensure that your keyring isn’t overloaded with extra weight. In the long run, it won’t affect the health of your ignition system! 

But if overloading your keychains is not a good idea, then what can you do with those personalized keychains? Where can they be used? 

What to do with those personalized keychains?

Well, those personalized keychains that will no longer be a part of your keyring can be used in other places. There are plenty of use cases for those personalized keychains.

  1. You can use them to decorate your house! Cool keychains can always be used to add to the aesthetic touch of your interiors! That’s one way to utilize them. 
  2. If decorating is on your checklist, then storing those keychains at a place might also be a good idea. Store those car keychains in a safe place, where they don’t face the wear and tear of weather. 
  3. Lastly, you can use them in other places such as bags or handicrafts. That way, you will still be connected to your creativity! 

These are some of the best use cases where you can use as many personalized keychains as possible. 

Overloading your keyrings with personalized accessories might not be a good idea. If you love your vehicle, then rethink. It’s hurting your ride. Worldwide, tons and tons of users report the issue of the ignition system. That’s because they aren’t aware of the problem. But you are! So, be safe and ride safe!  

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