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We are the best team ever. And it definitely has its own reasons. The result is clear: every single day we give our best to be the best: the best team, the best company, and the best products. We aim to become a good to great brand with our kickass team members pushing their limits every day! But what makes them idiosyncratic is their passion for the job, dedication, and desire to remain at the forefront of the industry. We understand that each and every individual has different needs and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have the resources to tackle any job. Being in the fashion industry it gets imperative to move along with the latest trends and that’s where our team simply doesn’t lack. With the zest to exponentially evolve with the market trends creating mesmerising design is the ultimate goal at AMPkrafts. The core values and purpose align with something more than just making money, it’s creativity.PS: Also the free Saturday lunches or maybe the insignificant hierarchy. Here is a little insight into what makes us tick… ‍

Our Team

Our Team
yashesh Owner at AMP Krafts
Yashesh  – Professor has let the matriarchy begin!


We all have that friend who is always the smartest guy in the room. Yashesh is one such person!  When Yashesh started AMPkrafts, he didn’t want to be just another businessman with a company—he wanted to create something that would change people’s lives for the better. Many people thought he was crazy, “Who would buy jewellery on a little website?”. But he believed and today, he’s thriving exceptionally! The success of Yashesh’s jewellery business AMPkrafts is based on one single factor – He got the idea and he believed in it. Also when he’s not busy running AMPkrafts, you can find him hanging out on the beach with his wife and children.

jigar - Owner at AMP Krafts
Jigar – Berlin


Jigar is a man of many talents. He is the backbone of the company and has been working towards it since its inception. Jigar had an unbelievable idea for an e-commerce startup, that he executed himself by bootstrapping and doing most of the work singlehandedly. He is a natural leader, who leads by example and inspires others to do their best work. With the magic of understanding what people are looking for, and having an eye for value, design and trends in the market he has been instrumental in making the company what it is today. Jigar’s ability to lead is second to none; he inspires those around him with his positive attitude and belief in teamwork. 

Ashva Mistry Business Development Manager at AMP Krafts
Ashva – Tokyo

Business Development Manager

One of our earliest members, Ashva has been with us from the start. With her team, she secured some of the most prestigious contracts her company had yet to acquire. Ashva has a very hands-on approach to work, with a structured way of doing things that won her recognition from top management and employees alike. With a passion for getting involved in the development of innovative start-up concepts and a focus on supporting fast-growing ventures, she is geared to create synergies between her network and a company’s vision. According to her “Let’s get things done, Let’s work hard on it” always keeps her focused.

chetan - Web developer at amp krafts
Chetan – Rio

Website Developer

To make a website that is dynamic and captures the attention of the potential customers is where Chetan comes in. He is the lead and creative driving force behind the front-end development of this platform and works hand in hand with the team to deliver a world-class user experience to our customers. His work has made our site more dynamic, full of personality and even more effective in engagement. An inventive thinker with bright ideas, you can always count on Chetan. Also, did you know he also provides photography services on top of that? With his keen eye for detail and ability to understand and communicate complex ideas, Chetan is a valuable asset to our team.

sidharth -Production manager at amp krafts
Siddharth – Moscow

Production manager

Siddharth knows what it takes to manufacture jewellery with the latest technologies so that our customers get not only quality products but also an experience they will love. Before you are deceived by his innocent smile and 6ft frame, know that he’ll roast you like hot chaat if you dare disturb him. He oversees every step of the process with his intense supervision, scrupulous planning and attention to detail. Currently, his role has taken him to be the operational backbone of all our fulfilment centres, as well other area offices.

tiksha - graphic Designer at amp krafts
Tiksha – Nairobi

Graphic Designer

Tiksha is the person behind all of the flashy designs and beautiful articles. She’s a wizard when it comes to graphics and also has a great passion for designing that inspire women to live lives beyond their expectations. Connecting with people, going out of her way to help them realize their dreams and making people feel special are just some of her many passions. Timecoding with Tiksha, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by the innovative ideas she brings to business contexts.

Kinjal - Sr. Designer
Kinjal –  Alicia

Sr. Designer

Kinjal has been in the midst of being a mom, wife and full-time employee, yet…she can still be so stylish. “Who else can look this good while getting three things done at once,” we all want to know, right? Mixing creativity with business, she is ready to share her know-how with taking businesses to higher levels. She has an impressively creative mind, who loves to create wearable art and useful pieces that fill your soul with every wear! Creating designs is not just a job to her, it is her passion mixed with her creativity.

Content Writer
Srishti – Bogota

Content Writer

Introducing Srishti, our resident word wizard and content conjurer. With her pen as her wand, she weaves magic with every sentence she writes. As a content writer on our team, she is a master of the art of storytelling, captivating audiences with her engaging and thought-provoking pieces. Her writing is so good, it’s almost criminal. And just like a criminal mastermind, she always has a trick up her sleeve- whether it’s writing scripts, brochures, or any other marketing collateral, Srishti is always ready to tackle any writing challenge with her unique style and wit. With her on our team, we’re sure to leave a lasting impression on any reader.

parth - SEO manager at amp krafts
Parth –  Arturo


The jack of the SEO trades for AMPkrafts, a Vadodara-based e-commerce startup, Parth breathes search engine optimization for the organisation. Our very own SEO ninja of AMPkrafts! His axioms and philosophies about lightening up your content resonate with the team and his efforts have yielded many results. It is said that SEOs’ soul is described as talkative, it’s no different from Parth. Once Parth starts talking there’s no stopping for him. Approachable and jovial, Parth is an okay guy to have in the office. 

Production Head at amp krafts
Jay – Denver

Production Head

The perfect mixture of creativity and data insights fits perfectly with our team. Let us introduce to you: Jay. He, in his very own unique way, is able to walk into any organization and become a vital element of its culture. With his wealth of experience in the industry, he is able to ensure that all products are produced on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Jay is a dedicated and hardworking individual who is committed to ensuring that the company’s production goals are met. We are lucky to have him on our team.

Account Manager at amp krafts
Kajal- Tatiana

Account Manager

Her attention to detail is just what AMPkrafts needs; an accountant who can help them file their taxes in a well-planned manner. The first thing that you need to be an Accountant is the desire, the desire to crawl in the dirt and find that diamond that other people overlook. Be careful of him when you’re talking about margins and money at lunch, she might break out her laptop to calculate something. This kiddo runs on coffee and hugs and we are told that she quite likes to cook too. “Kajal is not your average “Anuradha/“Laxmi Chit Fund Girl”, be like Kajal”

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